Scott Sievewright - Owner and Head Coach

After moving to the USA in 2005, I wanted to find a way to get in shape and meet some friends. Besides a few years of karate as a teen, I didn’t have much experience in combat sports.

That changed when I walked through the doors of Roufusport and met Coach Duke. I discovered a real passion for the sport and spent the next few years training and competing. After a handful of boxing, kickboxing and MMA fights I decided to draw a short amateur career to a close. I had just become a father and was surrounded by a team of younger, hungrier and quite frankly better fighters.

Only now, at 42 do I realize how young 32 is. I moved gyms and despite being wholly unqualified, began coaching at RSMMA. Through trial and error, experimentation and a return to school to obtain my bachelor’s in ‘Coaching and athletic development’, I have steadily become more comfortable and competent in the role.

Coaching is the most challenging of endeavors and I’ve learned it's largely about relationships, communication, trust and that no two students are the same. At Primal, Ben and I are not only fully committed to creating the best learning environment we can for our students, but also for ourselves.

As a coach it is important for me to work as hard on my craft as I expect my students and fighters to work on theirs. With hard work and continual improvement, I am confident we can build an environment that enriches and empowers each and everyone who walks through our doors.