Ben Schultz - Owner and Head Coach

Coach Ben brings to Primal nearly two decades of wrestling and ground fighting experience. From fifth grade and through high school Ben wrestled and competed at the state level in both Greco-Roman and Folk Style.

After high school, Ben spent several years helping coach wrestling before he found his way into Jiu-Jitsu.

For the last 10 years, he has trained and competed regularly on the regional grappling scene, becoming one of the dominant no-gi grapplers in the area. Ben shares the philosophy that the best learning comes from authentic goal-orientated rolling and is committed to creating an optimal environment for developing the grappling and ground-based fighting skills.

While Coach Scotty's consistent babbling about the science of skill acquisition and motor learning has helped shape his philosophy, Ben's approach to practice design and learning closely resembles that of Kitt Dale. Dale attributes his own success and achieving the rank of black-belt within 4 years to a concept and principle-based live sparring. With a typical practice being an hour-long, Coach Ben is always trying to find the best way to utilize each minute to create a challenging and engaging learning experience to hasten the development and increase retention.

Ben works and plays hard both on and off the mats and spends much of his free time in the outdoors and exploring with his two great loves, wife Maureen and Dog Chief.

Like Coach Scott, Ben is dedicated to working hard on his craft and the continual improvement of himself and all those who join him on the mats.