Foundations Grappling

Our Grappling (Jiu-Jitsu) foundations curriculum is designed to cover all the basics of grappling. Our curriculum is cycled and repeats every 6 weeks.

This means no matter when you join, a full six weeks participation will take you through our entire course. 

This program is perfect for new students and intends to provide a fun, engaging and safe environment to get familiar with the people and training philosophies at Primal MKE. Each class is only 45mins.

Even though this class is for newer students, we waste no time in getting to it with a lot of live partner drilling and playful sparring. 


Week 1 - Full Guard 
Week 2 - Half Guard
Week 3 - Side Control
Week 4 - Full Mount
Week 5 - Back Mount
Week 6 - Foot locks


What to Expect in foundations grappling 

Get started in style

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