Mixed martial arts

Our MMA foundations a class is an opportunity for our newer students to try some MMA and and put together some of the skills and strategies they have picked up in our other foundation classes.

We consider this a feeder program to our more advanced MMA team practices.  And is a great place to start for students that want to get a feel for MMA but are not ready yet to level up. 

Like our other programs, this is a fast paced class that focuses on concepts and principles and putting techniques into context.  As one of our No/Limited head contact classes  we recommend all aspiring mma fighters start out here to get some skills down safely and before they decide if they want to progress . Each class is only 45mins. 

Even though this class is for newer students, we waste no time in getting to it with a lot of live partner drilling and playful sparring. 


Our MMA classes are
structured a little
differently. Each week
mix things up with a blend 
of ground, wall and 
stand-up training.  


What to Expect in foundations MMA

Get started in style

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