Foundations Striking

Our Striking (Kickboxing) foundations curriculum is designed to cover all the basics of Striking. Our curriculum is cycled and repeats every 6 weeks.

This means no matter when you join, a full six weeks participation will take you through our entire course. 

This program is perfect for new students and intends to provide a fun, engaging and SAFE (No head contact is permitted in this program) environment to get familiar with the people and training philosophies at Primal MKE. Each class is only 45mins.

Even though this class is for newer students, we waste no time in getting to it with a lot of live partner drilling and playful sparring. 


Week 1 - The Jab/Cross 
Week 2 - Rear Leg Kids
Week 3 - Front Leg Kids
Week 4 - Hooks & Uppercuts
Week 5 - Footwork
Week 6 - Combinatations


What to expect in foundations striking 

Get started in style

Boxing Gloves - Krbon Training - Primal MKE
Boxing Gloves - Krbon Training - Primal MKE
Boxing Gloves - Krbon Training - Primal MKE

Boxing Gloves - Krbon Training


KRBON Boxing Gloves are specifically designed for Boxing, Muay Thai, KickBoxing, MMA and other Combat Sports.

Multi density layered padding prevents penetration, while at the same time absorbs impact. Superior protection for your hands, wrists and training partners. The full mesh palm keeps the gloves smelling fresh and clean.

  • Multi Layered Padding
  • Moisture management Full Mesh palm keep gloves nice and fresh
  • Hook and loop closure; Attached thumb
  • Durable manufactured leather
  • Clean design
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