Foundations Striking (kickboxing)

Our Striking (Kickboxing) foundations curriculum is designed to help get comfortable on the mats and start to build a foundation for striking.

We understand there are two fundamental features of striking.

1 - Distance control and management. Our live play sparring games allow learners to begin moving in space with other and begin cultivating this distance management.
2 - Positioning to receive and produce force effectively. Again, our live games teach learners to build stable footwork and base as they learn to interact with a live partner. 

We don't really care or worry about 'proper technique' in this development stage as this will emerge and refine over time. 

This program is perfect for new students and intends to provide a fun, engaging and SAFE (No head contact is permitted in this program) environment to get familiar with the people and training philosophies at Primal MKE. Each class is only 45mins.

Even though this class is for newer students, we waste no time in getting to it with a lot of live partner drilling and playful sparring. 

What to expect in foundations striking