Not so big Ben

Serendipity - 'The fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance'.
Ben hadn't planned to begin a martial arts journey. But one day at work, he found a Primal MKE business card on the ground (We still don't know how it got there). In what must have felt like a moment of fate, Ben picked it up and followed through with a visit to Primal for his free trial.
Ben didn't look back. And after some weeks in getting familiar in our foundations program, he was hooked.
Within his first 3 months, Ben's new hobby and lifestyle would see him shed 32lbs (weight he has continued to keep off). Today Ben is still a regular on the mats and has even competed for the Primal Grappling team. 
Sometimes it just takes a little twist of fate or a leap of faith to make a change in life. We look forward to Ben being a long time team member and perhaps even a life long martial artist.
Much love and we are very proud of your achievement Big Ben!