Positively Primal!

Bingo!! Kavanya Gray

You know they say girls are more coachable as they care more about process than the outcome. It came as little surprise then that Kavanya beat a mat full of boys (sometimes literally) to be our first student to complete the Primal Submission bingo card. To fill the card they must check off 24 different submissions in live rounds, against equal or higher ranked opponents. The fact that Kavanya was the first to complete this challenge (over 6 months it took)  was even more impressive given that off the mats she has been hard at work in her residency as an oncologist. Congratulations Kavanya, it's really quite impressive to find so many of these submissions and not relying on the same one or two like us boys do. Enjoy your bragging rights and Prize Primal Swag bag. Thanks for leading the way and helping create our positive and welcoming environment for all. the boys and girls. 

A life changed! Armando

Armando came out of the gates fast!. We weren't sure what to think when he first came to Primal. Full of enthusiasm,  rolling and kickboxing in 3 layers of clothes and a wooly hat (In the height of summer). It all seemed unsustainable but the enthusiasm and determination was real. Armando didn't only set goals, he was betting us money he'd crush them. Five months later and 45 lbs lighter and had competed in his first tournament. Armando has become an unlikely ambassador for Primal MKE. He certainly adds to the positivity of our community and his story reminds us really of what it's all about. Sharing the passion, positivity and power of marital arts! Thank you for being such a generous and friendly part of our Primal Family,  Armando. We look forward to supporting your continued success this next year and beyond. 

Not so big Ben

Serendipity - 'The fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance'.
Ben hadn't planned to begin a martial arts journey. But one day at work, he found a Primal MKE business card on the ground (We still don't know how it got there). In what must have felt like a moment of fate, Ben picked it up and followed through with a visit to Primal for his free trial.
Ben didn't look back. And after some weeks in getting familiar in our foundations program, he was hooked.
Within his first 3 months, Ben's new hobby and lifestyle would see him shed 32lbs (weight he has continued to keep off). Today Ben is still a regular on the mats and has even competed for the Primal Grappling team.  Read more