Primal Pre/Post Practice

Our newest and most innovated program is not instructor led. Rather it is an opportunity to collaborate, explore and share ideas.

Very different from a traditional learning approach, where a coach or teacher prescribes and delivers a curriculum and content. Our clear vision for our workshops are to cultivate rich a learning environment where students and coaches can share their knowledge and experience and support each other's development. 

By decentralizing our coaching and teaching approach we are able to tailor activates and direct attention to more specific areas for more people. Rather than one size fits all, this program will offer more opportunities for engagement and learning. 

Additionally, these workshops will be for any area of MMA. It's a perfect opportunity to seek and ask advice, try something new, explore and try to solve particular problems. Even to try something new you saw or thought about.  

While this workshop will be supervised by a coach, it will be primarily the students themselves that organize and arrange the practice activities. These activities and the newer students will be supported by our more advanced and experience team mates. . 


Post Foundations Practice:

Students from the foundation programs
are encouraged to participate and
collaborate with our more experienced
students and coaches.

Pre Advanced Practice:

Students preparing for our advanced classes
are expected to use this opportunity to 
work with team mates and support the
their less experience team mates. 

What to Expect in Primal PRE/POST Practice workshops.

Get started in style

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