Strength + Core , HIIT & Guts & Butts!

Find the support you need to crush your fitness goals! At Primal MKE our fitness team is dedicated to creating classes that are fun, challenging and engaging to keep participants motivated while working towards their fitness goals.

Whatever your fitness aspirations may be, whether you’re a newbie who wants to get into fitness, to lose weight or you want to level up your game and get stronger, Primal Fitness is the place for everyone and all levels!

We offer a variety of fitness classes Monday through Saturday: Strength + Core (Full Body with emphasis on Core), HIIT and Guts & Butts (Lower Body with emphasis on core).

Strength +Core is a Full Body workout designed to help improve muscular strength with emphasis on the core muscles using resistance bands and free weights.

HIIT is a Full Body High Intensity Interval training circuit class that combines both cardio and free weights with short rest periods to help improve your cardio and strength while building lean muscle and maximizing calorie burn.

Guts & Butts is a Lower Body focused class. Learn to build the glutes as well as other major muscles of the lower body by using resistance bands and free weights to help activate and build those muscles. There are 5 key exercises that you need to do in order to strengthen and build your lower body. Also, did you know that most low back pain comes from weak glutes; the glutes help stabilize your pelvis to support the load on your lower back, so never skip leg day!




Achieve your fitness goals by trying one of our 3 fitness classes


1. Strength & Core


3. Guts & Butts

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