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gi & no-gi

While our primary grappling classes are No-Gi we also offer a BJJ program for students that also want to practice, compete and earn rank in the more traditional Gi based Jiu-Jitsu.

The Gi classes and our all-level classes we consider more of a general intermediate class.

However, fitting with Primal's training philosophies these classes are high paced and lively. While we do balance these classes out with a little more technical emphasis. These classes are still largely a mix of situational live drills and goal-orientated sparring. 

We do recommend that newer students first complete a six-week the foundations grappling program, so they don't feel overwhelmed.
Otherwise these are  fun, and effective programs open to all levels of students. 


Our advanced grappling program is demanding and intense. It is a very high paced and high volume program and most likely overwhelming for newer students.

In this practice you can expect lots of wrestling and live sparring.

We do not spend a great deal of time on technical instruction in these practices. Rather we focus of  concepts and principles that are immediately implemented into live sparring.

We understand that time on the mat and use of training partners is best spent sparring and drilling authentically. 

Students in this program are encouraged to be independent, well conditioned, disciplined and creative. This is a great program for those who want to be challenged and develop quickly. 


a Primal grappling class in action

Look Good Rollin

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