Primal is fully committed to effective and authentic training while reducing the risk of injury. Pankration (Basically MMA without the head strikes is a fantastic way to learn the sport of MMA with a significantly reduced chance of injury.

This program is tailored and scaled for those who want a taste of MMA without head contact. It is also a great stepping stone and foundation for aspiring fighters and those newer to the sport. We believe we must foster a culture of control and discipline before we introduce the head as a target.

 Primal also promotes and hosts caged pankration, where we recreate an MMA event, again without the head shots. This program is a feeder for our more advanced MMA programs and a offers a opportunity for our team and students to build a robust foundation of skills before deciding whether to level up or not.

Generally MMA is split into it's main components of jiu-jitsu, striking and wrestling before being pieced together again. We feel learning these components together transfers to more authentic, robust and realistic skills.

Fight Team

Our most physically and psychologically demanding class. This is an intense program which is tailored to developing our fight team and bringing all the skills together.

 This program is grappling and clinching heavy and we focus on lots of live exchanges and sparring and wall fighting. To participate in these practices you must have permission from the coaches. Being an advanced class, we have high expectation of discipline and control. A feature of these practices is to push ourselves to our limits and cultivate grittiness and resilience.

For any of our students who are committed and determined to compete in MMA, this program is designed for them. For those who have no plan to compete but would like to get more authentic feel for the sport. This can also be a fun and challenging practice.

* As fitting with our training philosophies, training hard doesn't mean hitting hard to the head. Like our advanced striking program we expect control and work to develop good distance management which enables us to have effective but safer practices. 

What to Expect from PRIMAL MMA 

serious gloves for serious training.

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