"Still I am Learning!"

Training at Primal

What is the purpose of practice? What do we expect to achieve from our training environment? Can we be better at getting better?

Before we can answer these questions, we must first make some basic assumptions.

1, We have a limited time to practice and learn.
2, Not all methods of practice are equally effective.
3, Development can be optimized by making the best use of our limited time with effective training methods.

These assumptions have underpinned our approach to training and development at Primal.

The science of skill acquisition and motor development is rich and plentiful. Yet much of it does not support many of the traditional approaches and methods that are so common in martial arts.

At Primal we understand that skills are developed as solutions to problems that our environment presents. This approach is well researched and is called the 'ecological approach' to skill development.

In a nutshell, we learn the skills of martial arts by practicing martial arts. This allows us to spend our time on training activities that are realistic and authentic while avoiding less effective and unrealistic drills.

For more information and to learn about our training philosophies, check out our blog, video and podcast page.