Boxing Gloves - Premium boxing gloves - HMIT

This Premium handmade in Thailand HMIT Velcro Champion boxing gloves  are perfect for all aspects of boxing and Thai boxing training.

Feel the comfort and power of the multi-layer foam

Strike with confidence thanks to our unique integrated Extended Wrist Splint System that will keep your Wrists safe.

Our HMIT Velcro Champion boxing gloves are the preferred selection of Thai and Boxing athletes who need serious protection and strike power from their Boxing Gloves.

Bag/Pad work, drilling, sparring anything you can throw at them!  Experience the difference of an added hand and wrist protection over a standard Thai style glove.

  • 100% premium Cowhide Leather
  • Extended Wrist Splint system
  • Multi layered foams
  • Velcro Closure
  • Attached thumb