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Self-Organization in Martial Arts: A Holistic Approach to Skill Development

In martial arts, the acquisition of skills is a complex process that goes beyond rote repetition and high repetition training, commonly known as "drilling." While drilling may be effective in embedding movements in the nervous system, relying solely on it limits an athlete's ability to adapt and progress in their craft. To fully develop skills in MMA, BJJ, and kickboxing, it is essential to take a holistic approach that considers the full context in which movements are executed, known as ecological dynamics.

Ecological dynamics encompasses the environment, task requirements, and athlete abilities, providing a comprehensive view of movement performance. By incorporating variability into training and utilizing direct perception, martial artists can optimize their movements in real-time and enhance their self-organization skills. Balancing repetition and variability is crucial to allowing the nervous system to "remember" movements while also promoting adaptation and progression.

Relying solely on high repetition drilling limits the development of skills in martial arts. A holistic approach that considers ecological dynamics and incorporates variability, along with direct perception, is crucial for optimal performance and self-organization in MMA, BJJ, and kickboxing.

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