We understand that the first day is the hardest. Just stepping into the gym and on the mats. Our foundations courses are designed to make this easier.

These programs will not make you a 'fighter'', rather they are an opportunity to get comfortable with concepts and principles, meet new training partners and get to know the gym and coaches. 

While you will learn the 'basics' in Foundations. Be prepared to work, these classes are high paced and lively. A great stepping stone to our more advanced programs and a will give you a feel for the training methods and environment at Primal. 

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A Taste Of Chaos! Foundations at Primal

 The Primal Method: A scientific informed approach!
At Primal, we ask you, for 45 mins, to forget what you believe about traditional sports learning.
We ask you not to overthink, and let your body move and learn how it's supposed to. 

Reconceptualizing the Fundamentals.
We don't disagree that there are fundamentals of fighting. We just don't see them as a collection of moves or techniques. Rather we take the key features of each discipline and we build our foundations on them.

Embracing clumsiness.
Clumsiness is a feature of the learning experience, not a bug. It shows your body is adapting to new movements, and with time, movements become smoother. Learning through interaction. True skill comes from the interaction with a partner. So don't worry about how you look or how you move. Just understand that you will continue to get better over time. That's learning!

Effective practice.
Foundations focus on live, interactive practice with scaled-down options to manage complexity. As you progress, challenges increase to improve your skills. Again, no short cuts, but we can just move quicker. 

What about techniques.
Techniques emerge as you engage with the problems we set and becoming personalized tools in your skillset. Techniques appear as we become skillful, they are not prerequisites for becoming skillful. Our job is not to 'teach you techniques' our role is to craft the learning environment so the techniques will become uniquely your own.