Putting it all together.

Our Approach:
MMA is certainly one of the most challenging martial arts to become competent at. It's really a group of sports within a sport.  An ecological approach is well suited to MMA as each and every activity we perform in training contributes to the development of a truly mixed martial arts skillset. What we especially love about MMA is that there are almost limitless games and practice activities we can use to develop different parts of the sport. Again, at Primal we reject typical drill-based martial arts instruction, instead learning and developing through scaled sparring games. Especially in MMA, we don't have time to waste. At Primal we get right to it.

Learn the game by playing the game:

MMA is an extremely dynamic and complex sport. We can however simplify it by identifying key concepts and features. That's exactly what we do at Primal. Our games based approach takes key elements of the sport and allows our learners to get a taste of the sport immediately. We like the video game analogy for our MMA practices. We are gonna start at level one and as you progress through the levels the challenges and complexity increase. Importantly however. You play the game from day one. 

Skills emerge:

In MMA, there are no check list of moves you need to learn. But there are key and common features that appear in nearly every MMA exchange. From day 1 you will start to explore and learn these key concepts and principles such as grip fighting, closing distance, framing and connecting, ground and wall control and footwork. Remember, it's Mixed Martial Arts, as you progress at Primal your game will become uniquely your own. It's with this mix of styles that appear on our mats that supercharge learning, as each of your training partners will present new problems to solve, styles to adapt to all while testing out your own game. 

Why we love an ecological approach to MMA:

Think of your favorite MMA fighters. You might like the flashy strikers, the dominant wrestlers or the slick submission artists. It makes no sense to us to push you into any particular style. Sure some things work better than others, but the beauty of Mixed Martial Arts is each skillset serves as a check and balance on the others. Style too striking heavy? A wrestler might give you trouble. Great Jiu-jitsu but can't get the fight to the ground, that's a problem. Each session we take the team through the whole game to help gel all the disciplines together. While the traditional approaches might have you learn the moves and then try to plug them into the game. That's all we do. Is play the game. 

Giving the Noggin a break!

What we also love about Mixed Martial Arts is that we can spend a great deal of our training time with a fraction of the head contact. Unlike Boxing and Kickboxing where striking to the head is the main objective. MMA is so much more richer in strategies and tactics. As with all our Foundations programs, head contact is strictly prohibited. And as far as our advanced MMA and team practices go. Head contact is very light and infrequent. There is just so many more areas and skillsets to explore. 


What to Expect from Primal MMA