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A coach's Dilemma

Throughout my 15 years training in MMA, concerns about the consequences of repetitive brain injury have been ever present. While those worries have waxed and waned, often depending on my training intensities, news cycles and personal life circumstances, they have spanned across three distinct stages.......Continue reading....

Info on Recognizing the signs of concussion and return-to-play protocols

Mayo Clinic - Signs, symptoms and diagnosis of concussion

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BMJ- Concussion management in combat sports

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2016 - Consensus statement on concussion in sport.

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CDC - Managing return to activities

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Brain health Quick reads

Sounds too good to be true?

A new discovery for treating dementia that defies received wisdom by combining two formerly unrelated areas of research: brain waves and the brain’s immune cells, called microglia. It’s an important finding, but it still requires the buy-in and understanding of researchers to achieve its true potential. The history of brain waves shows why.