Martial Arts for Modern Teens! 

Tackling the Teen Problem:

What to do with teens? Too old for kids classes, to young for adults. The energy of young bulls and the attention span of goldfish! Primal has recently launched our Teen Team and it is off to a thriving start!

The Movement Poverty Epidemic. 

Today's teens are confronting a stark reality: the rise of movement poverty. Sedentary lifestyles have become the norm, a consequence of technological enticement and reduced physical activity in daily routines. This trend is detrimental, leading to health and developmental issues. Our MMA program confronts this head-on by re-engaging teens with vigorous physical exercise, discipline, and mental resilience. We offer an active antidote to the sedentary habits prevailing among youth, fostering a generation that is as physically literate as they are technologically savvy.

Let em scrap:

Natural instinct leads teens to roughhouse, a form of play that's essential for development but often viewed as disruptive or unsafe. In recognizing this, our program channels that raw energy into structured martial arts training. We provide a safe, supervised environment where teens can engage in this physical play. It's not just about letting off steam, but about teaching control, technique, and respect for one another. Our mats are where they learn to harness their strength, refine their instincts, and learn the value of fair play and personal boundaries, all under the watchful eyes of experienced trainers. 

Growing Young Brains Without Damaging them. 

Our commitment is to the safety and development of young minds. That's why our program enforces a strict no head contact rule, ensuring the thrill of combat sports without the risk. Roughhousing, within our controlled environment, isn't just about physicality; it's a developmental tool that enhances cognitive function, emotional intelligence, and social skills. Through grappling and sparring, teens learn strategy, improve reflexes, and build neural pathways, all while preserving their brain health. Here, we nurture growth — physically, mentally, and socially — with the wellbeing of our young athletes as the top priority.

Learning to Win (And Lose!)

In the complex hierarchy of teenage status, our program offers more than just martial arts training; it provides vital life lessons in winning and losing. We equip our teens with the resilience to celebrate victories with humility and accept defeats with grace. These experiences on the mat translate to valuable skills off the mat, helping them navigate the social complexities of adolescence. By understanding their strengths and facing challenges head-on, our students learn to find and define their place in any hierarchy, fostering a sense of self-worth that isn't dictated by wins or losses but by the courage to persevere and grow. 


What to Expect from Primal Teens