Our Mission

To purposefully pursue continual improvement of ourselves, our team, our students and our community.

To promote and develop a growth mindset in our team and students.

To value and respect the time of our people by not wasting it. 

Our Coaching Philosophies

Our clear vision is to create an exceptional learning environment for developing the body and mind through the practice of Mixed Martial Arts and Exercise.

Whether one participates only to get in shape or perhaps has ambitions of MMA stardom, we believe that every student wants to be better. We are committed to cultivating growth mindsets and being open to the free exchange of ideas. We understand that regardless of each individual's aspirations, we can collectively encourage, inspire and help each other to realize their goals.

From a coaching perspective, we design our curriculum and practices based on well-established principles of motor learning, skill acquisition, and human motivation. We believe learning is best achieved through principle-based coaching and guided discovery, and view learning through an ecological lens, whereby skills emerge from the dynamic interactions of the environment, the athlete and their objective tasks.


"And Still I Am Learning!"

Training at Primal

What is the purpose of practice? What do we expect to achieve from our training environment? Can we be better at getting better?

Before we can answer these questions, we must first make some basic assumptions.

1, We have a limited time to practice and learn.
2, Not all methods of practice are equally effective.
3, Development can be optimized by making the best use of our limited time with effective training methods.

These assumptions have underpinned our approach to training and development at Primal.

The science of skill acquisition and motor development is rich and plentiful. Yet much of it does not support many of the traditional approaches and methods that are so common in martial arts.

At Primal we understand that skills are developed as solutions to problems that our environment presents. This approach is well researched and is called the 'ecological approach' to skill development.

In a nutshell, we learn the skills of martial arts by practicing martial arts. This allows us to spend our time on training activities that are realistic and authentic while avoiding less effective and unrealistic drills.

For more information and to learn about our training philosophies, check out our blog, video and podcast page.

Meet our team

What are the metrics for a good coaching team? Of course while experience and knowledge is important. We feel just as important is being able to engage, relate and communicate well with their students and fellow coaches. 

At Primal our team understands that supporting the student's learning journey is less to do with demonstrating knowledge, but rather helping to cultivate a rich learning environment.

Our team is fully aligned in our approach and look to foster independence, creativity and engagement in our students and athletes. In fact we see ourselves more as facilitators of development than trainers!

This close group of coaches have been with Primal since day one and each add their own flavor and style to the learning experience for all that step on our mats.

Scott Sievewright

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Benjamin Schultz

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Hamssah Badrah

Fitness Lead & Head ANIMAL FLOW ® Coach

Zack Wargolet

Striking Coach

Tanner Vander Velden

Head Kids Coach

Titus James

Fitness Coach

Charity LaBuy

Kids Coach

Maureen Schultz

Animal Flow and Fitness Coach

Lynn Schuerman

Fitness Coach




Matted floor


Cage and Wall mats

800 sqft

Fitness Gym Area

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