Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

* Build confidence
* Learn practical Anti-bullying strategies
* Teaches discipline and respect
* Builds and develops general motor skills
* Develops grittiness and resilience
* Builds a positive association towards sport
* Learn to emotionally process winning and losing
* Create and establish new relationships
* Improve teambuilding and social skills
* Cultivate self-esteem

Our Teaching and Culture Philosophies!

​Our Priority for our kids at Primal is to cultivate and establish a positive association with martial arts and sport generally. So while we will challenge our kids, we want to create a sustainable relationship that will carry them forward.

​ Our program will mirror the adult foundations curriculum. Our six-week cycles will cover the different positions and areas of each discipline (Jiu-Jitsu/MMA). This cycle allows us to interleave our lesson plans which is understood to be an effective way to expedite learning and development.

​ While we support kids who want to compete and offer the chance to do so, we neither encourage nor discourage competition. Research continues to advocate for children sampling many different sports until early teenage years. Given this, we see our program as being a healthy supplement and addition to other sports.

We pledge never to a be child's last coach!

(Our team is committed to creating a fun, engaging, safe and effective environment)

What to Expect from Primal KIDS MMA