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New kid on the block: Primal MKE opens doors to fighters and fitness enthusiasts (Kelly Richards).

Milwaukee brews more than great beer; it’s a hub for MMA talent. As of October 28th, 2019 the city welcomes a new face to the MMA game, Primal MKE. Primal MKE is owned by Scott Sievewright and Ben Schultz. They are the head striking and head grappling coach respectively. Both possess many years of training, coaching, and education in the mixed martial arts field. They’re back by a carefully curated handpicked team of assistant coaches.
Fighting may be one of the oldest sports in the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Primal’s style cuts against old, ingrained methods. Rather than a focus on repetitious block pattern style training, they focus on lots of live reading exchanges. The main benefit of this style is the ability to see and recognize shots coming in faster. It also allows for a greater range of counters.
You won’t find long, drawn-out warm-ups
here. The goal is to take advantage of training partners to maximize live-work time. Reading and reacting exchanges are Primal MKE’s bread and butter.
An emphasis on speed over power allows for more intense and useful rounds. The risk of injury is minimized. Primal’s coaching staff believes this leads to longer fight careers. Some opponents of this training style argue that not being hit hard regularly could lead to fighters that are unable to cope with aggressive shots in the ring. Primal’s coaching staff hears these concerns. Which is why there are still hard days built into the schedule, particularly for athletes with upcoming fights. Primal MKE is focused on helping each fighter find a style that works for them. Not creating cookie cutters.
Creating a sense of controlled chaos leads to faster learning. That’s not to say the Primal team doesn’t value basics and good form. Among the many classes offered are rolling six weeks of fundamentals courses for striking and grappling. These classes are designed to give students a solid base before they branch off into the many other classes offered here. In addition to grappling and striking classes, the gym also offers gi classes, fitness classes as well as kid’s classes. It is also the first MMA gym in the Midwest to offer Animal Flow. It’s run by a certified trainer, Hamssah Badrah.
Primal MKE is poised to be a dominant figure in the MMA community. Talented fighters have followed from other gyms because they believe in the coaching staff and methods offered here. Primal MKE intends to build an absolute wrecking crew of elite athletes. Although doors have officially been opened for less than a week, fighters are already matched for upcoming shows as early as January 2020. Primal MKE looks forward to demonstrating their training style methods and bringing home wins.
Primal MKE is located at 2028 S. 55th St., West Allis, Wisconsin.
Written by : Kelly Richards
Kelly Richards is passionate about combat sports. She has trained in Muay Thai kickboxing for over ten years. Recently she has added BJJ to round out her martial arts knowledge. She currently makes her martial arts home at Primal MKE in Milwaukee, WI.

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