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Primal MKE Training blog…. A synopsis.

Given the references to ‘science’, I'll scatter throughout my blog posts, I wanted to know what exactly the definition of a scientist is. The British Science Council defines a scientist a ‘someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, making a hypothesis and testing it, to gain and share understanding and knowledge”. I’m not a researcher, nor have I conducted any studies or published any papers. I am also naturally messy and disorganized which doesn’t seem to fit here. Yet, I am always trying
to gain and share understanding and knowledge. So I’m going to run with that part.
Coaching is incredibly meaningful to me and if having a calling is such a thing, I think I’ve found mine. However, it carries with it a big responsibility. Students and athletes, after all, must trust their trainers both with their time and development. In combat sports, this responsibility becomes even greater given the inherent risk of injury. I do sometimes wonder why any of us would be involved in a sport, in which an objective is to damage the very thing that makes us who we are. And as a father of two young boys, I find myself hoping they'll find their passions in less dangerous activities.
On the flip side, I routinely witness the tremendous benefit our sport can have on people’s lives. The purpose it provides. The humility and respect it teaches. The unique sense of camaraderie that only a mutual exchanging of violence can bring about. The confidence fostered in us regardless of age or sex.
I’m myself, rarely happier than when I am on the mats with my teammates. It’s not a sport I’ll walk away from anytime soon.
Realizing this is what I want to do with my life, I must commit to being the very best I can. This brings me back to the responsibility of coaching. To those who might place their trust in me for guidance and leadership. I owe them, to be as informed and as responsible as I can. I must commit to continual improvement and find ways to learn effectively while limiting risk. I love coach John Kavanagh’s mantra about ‘upgrading the software without damaging the hardware’. Meanwhile, I also concur with my old coach who often quipped, ‘You get better at fighting by fighting’. My beliefs are aligned with both. How can we best train for MMA, Grappling and Striking, (Fighting), without accumulating too much damage?
This blog will be about my understandings of how to best balance and navigate both concepts. I’ll be sharing training principles and methods I feel fit with both. Though ‘opinions’, I shall, wherever possible provide support and evidence for the concepts.
Researching for my posts will be also part of sharpening my own game. I’ve spent several years reading about skill acquisition and learning. And the ‘science’ of both seem to be at odds with the way we typically train. My hope for this blog is to better present to our people, the reasons for the way we coach at Primal MKE. It's not enough for our athletes to know 'how'. We also want them to know 'why'!
My posts are not about fitness or the S&C components of our sport. There are others on my team far more qualified to write about that. And to any who might even read these, I invite push back and discussion. Because just as it is with fighting, to learn best, we need someone hitting back!

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